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Compressed sensing review (1): Reconstruction Algorithms

CS reconstruction algorithms are always the most astonishing thing for people who know compressed sensing at the first time. Because only a few sampling (much less than Shannon-Nyquist sampling rate) can perfectly reconstruct the whole signal is really a big … Continue reading

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Compressed sensing review (0)

I plan to write an easy understanding review of compressed sensing, which is a popular topic that attracts considerable attention from 2004 and appears being related to more and more fields in recent years. The review will be posted in … Continue reading

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Compressed sensing games

Compressed sensing has been proved having intimate connections to tremendous problems in signal processing and harmonic analysis. The fundamental idea of compressed sensing and its extension matrix completion can be illustrated as: It is possible to recover a signal (e.g., … Continue reading

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Fast Gradient Clustering

This is a work we have posted and given a spotlight talk on NIPS 09 Workshop on Discrete Optimization in Machine Learning: Structures, Algorithms and Applications (DISCML). You can find it on: http://www.cs.caltech.edu/~krausea/discml/papers/zhou09fast.pdf Fast Gradient Clustering (FGC) tackles the two … Continue reading

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