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[Best student paper award] Welcome to my “Divide-and-Conquer Anchoring (DCA)” talk at ICDM Dallas Dec 8

Is it possible to finish a 60000×10000 matrix decomposition (NMF, PCA, etc)  or completion in 6 seconds on your laptop’s matlab? Can we make it even faster by a simple distributable scheme? How to summarize a huge-scale dataset (ratings, movie, … Continue reading

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Greedy Bilateral (GreB) Paradigm for Large-scale Matrix Completion, Robust PCA and Low-rank Approximation

Our paper “Greedy Bilateral Sketch, Completion and Smoothing” has been accepted by AISIATS 2013. Abstracts reads below, PDF is here, and code will be coming soon. Abstract: Recovering a large low-rank matrix from highly corrupted, incomplete or sparse outlier overwhelmed … Continue reading

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News about GoDec code and ICML 2011 paper

We recently published a google site for Go Decomposition (GoDec), presented on ICML 2011. Now you can find all the available information and upcoming news about GoDec on http://sites.google.com/site/godecomposition  On the new site, there are 3 resources about GoDec we … Continue reading

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GoDec: Randomized Low-rank & Sparse Matrix Decomposition in Noisy Case

This paper is accepted by ICML 2011 for presentation. Now the final version is ready and can be downloaded from here GO. Abstract: Low-rank and sparse structures have been profoundly studied in matrix completion and compressed sensing. In this paper, we develop … Continue reading

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